If you would like to share a story with us about an experience you had with Del or an action that he inspired as a result of knowing him, please submit your story here and we will happily post it to share with his family and friends. We also ask you to send any photos of Del that you might have by clicking here and sending them to us as an attachment.
Del was a committed and passionate campaigner who wanted to improve the lives of people in conflict zones and those of people closer at home. Del will be missed by everyone in the Labour Party who has worked and campaigned along side him for over two decades.
Iain McNicol, Labour Party General Secretary
It is rare in life to meet people that are entirely honourable and caring without an agenda. Del was that way at school and as an adult. He has left an example of how people should be and the changes they can make.
Andrea Aubeck
He was a very sincere, courageous man and ever since I first met him I admired him. He was humble and very considerate towards others. Del, you were a star and will always be remembered for the work you did for the benefit of others.
Dipu Ahad